Shopping in Imphal

Shopping is something that is loved by the people of all ages. Every individual has a unique style and taste in shopping.  And as such when you are in Imphal you will get a wide range of options in front of you so that you can take back home as souvenirs. The women vendors dressed in traditional Manipuri costumes are an absolute delight to watch. There is always something for everyone in Imphal to shop. You will find hand made items and also home made spices and pickles. The markets in Imphal are all filled with variety of items that will mesmerise you.

Shopping Areas in Imphal

Khwairambad Bazaar

Located in the heart of ImphalShopping in Imphal, is one of the most famous and largest women's markets in India. The sole factor that makes this market different from any other market is that it is solely run by Manipuri women. By selling handicraft and other interesting products, around 3000 women make their livelihood. Some of the popular picks of this market include Manipuri attires, authentic Manipuri handicrafts, handloom shawls, cosmetics,decorative ivory, household utensils, dolls and beautiful jewelry.

Paona Bazaar

Paona Bazar is another very popular market area in Imphal. The shops in this market sells fascinating things like hand-woven shawls, silk saris,bamboo and ivory articles, papier mache products etc.People cannot bargain much as the rates of all these items are fixed. Manipur Handlooms & Handicrafts Development Corporation Sales Emporium is one particular shop in this bazaar that is worth visiting. Other items that is sold in this market are Lanshingphee blanket, bamboo artifacts, colorful mats, toys, tangkhul scarf and shawls.

Nagampal Market

Nagampal market is an important commercial center in Imphal. The shops in this market sell different items ranging from footwear, accessories, and vegetables to colorful attires, spices and fruits. There are also numerous eatery joints in this market that serve really mouth watering Manipuri dishes like bamboo shoot, kangsoi kobok, koat pitha and poora haah.

Tera Bazaar

Market Places in ImphalTera Bazaar, lies in the greater Imphal area, is another popular market area to pick some good souvenirs. The items in this markets are striking and reasonably priced. The handloom products that depicts the rich Manipuri tradition are also something which onemust definitely buy. On Sundays and other holiday occasions, the market is crowded with local people. Kwakeithel Bazar, Naoremthong Bazaar, and Singjamei Bazar are some of the other near-by markets that you can visit.

GM Hall

Located right in the centre of Imphal, the iconic GM Hall, has numerous shops that sell Manipuri handlooms, artifacts, toys, handicrafts, shawls, at fixed prices. This place is also crowded with local inhabitants during weekends and special holidays.

Shopping Complexes in Imphal

Imphal also has few shopping complex. Here is a list of Shopping complexes in Imphal:

Gambir Singh Shopping Complex
Address: Bir Tikendrajit Rd, Thangal Bazar,
Imphal, Manipur 795001

Tribal Market Complex
Address: 1st St, Hatta Golapati,
Imphal, Manipur 79500

Leima Shopping Plaza
Address : Governer Road Paona Bazar
Imphal Manipur 79500

Address: Mango e Busines, Chingmeirong Rd,
Chingmeirong, Imphal,

Amos Shopping Plaza
Address:Imphal, Manipur

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