Perfect Scenic Locations around Imphal for Movie Shooting

Every movie of Bollywood cinema is full of places of scenic beauty and as the number of movies are increasing day by day, one needs to concentrate more on new scenic locations. If one can give a proper thought to a typical Bollywood movie, it is not hard to guess that most of them have a temple, a waterfall, a lake or river, a valley or hills, a fort or monument and a park usually. Imphal has to offer all of such places along with some others around it for shooting of a movie. Additionally, the climate of this place makes it perfect for anyone. It is no doubt one of the best scenic locations of North - East India.

Leimaram Waterfall

Movie Shooting Locations Around Imphal

A waterfall in a movie creates a perfect song location. Leimaram Waterfall is a beautiful scenic location and is a perfect picnic spot for a lot of people. It has three waterfalls located adjacently and some outstanding unspoiled natural surrounding to make any song more stunning. Another advantage associated with this fall is that it is easily accessible from your own vehicle, which is a necessity with the celebrities and cinema people.

Distance from Imphal:  27 Km
Time Taken by Car: 30 Mins

Loktak Lake

Movie Shooting Locations Around Imphal

One of the most beautiful places on earth, Loktak Lake is a perfect place to shoot a movie or a song of any cinema. It is also known as the floating lake among the locals and vacationers both due to its floating Phumdis. It is nothing but the heterogeneous mass of vegetation, organic matters and soil only at different stages of corrosion. A fishing scene or a beautiful song is the perfect excuse for cinema makers to visit this lake. A cafeteria atop a Phumdi is one of the major reason for people to enjoy this place while having a cup of coffee with their loved ones amidst the beautiful flora and fauna.

Distance from Imphal:  54 Km
Time Taken by Car: 1 Hr

Kangla Fort

Movie Shooting Locations Around Imphal

Forts have always been perfect for an ethnic song or a fight scene in a movie. Kangla Fort is a very ancient fort located on the banks of Imphal River. Although it is one of the most historical sites of entire Manipur, only ruins of the fort are remaining today. Earlier the fort used be situated on the both sides of Imphal river.

Distance from Imphal:  2 Km
Time Taken by Car: 5 Min

Shri Govindajee Temple

Movie Shooting Locations Around Imphal

Temples are an essential part of all cinemas in India. Bollywood, Tollywood or Kollywood; All of them usually have a scene around a temple in most of their movies. Shri Govindajee Temple is a unique one as it is built with bricks and Burma teak, providing it the much required rareness. The main deity of the temple is Lord Vishnu and the same is carved out of the bark of a jackfruit tree. Ponds situated nearby and replica footprints of Lord Krishna situated inside the temple lures a lot of visitors to this place.

Distance from Imphal:  2.2 Km
Time Taken by Car: 6 Mins

Dzukou Valley

Movie Shooting Locations Around Imphal

Valleys play such an important role in Indian cinema, that most of the cinema makers are visiting Switzerland and other European countries to capture those perfect shots of valleys of those countries from many years. Dzukou Valley located around Imphal is a perfect place for those shots as it is located at a height of 2,438 above sea level. Rich flora and fauna along with its seasonal flowers makes this place charismatic for all visitors. Various streams of water flowing throughout the valley adds to the beauty of this place.

Distance from Imphal:  118 Km
Time Taken by Car: 1 Hrs, 40 Mins

Willong Khullen

Movie Shooting Locations Around Imphal

An extraordinary marvel resembling to the stone hedge, Willong Khullen is a unique place for the shooting for a film. The place is full of stone erections and is located on the slopes of a valley. As per the legends, all of the stones are uncountable due to the spirit effects.

Distance from Imphal:  112 Km
Time Taken by Car: 2 Hours

Anurag Basu's movie 'Jagga Jasoos' featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif will be shot in Manipur.

Apart from these mesmeric places, Imphal has a rich cultural heritage and various regional festivals to offer to all cinema makers. After a visit to this unique place of India, anyone can understand the reason behind its nickname “The Switzerland of India”.

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