Famous Offbeat Attractions Around Imphal

Popular tourist attractions are definitely a hit among the masses, but there are times when one wants to visit something different and unique. For some cultural and heritage attractions are unique, while for the others museums and forts define uniqueness. Hence, offbeat attractions vary as per the taste of the people only. All the regions and cities have some kind of offbeat attraction located around them and Imphal is no exception to that. There are many varieties of offbeat attractions are located in the city as well as around the city. Let us take a look at some of the famous ones here:


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Also known as “Palace of Kangla”, Kangla Fort is one of the most visited places of Imphal. The fort is located within the city itself and used to be under the control of Assam Rifles till 2003. After that the fort was opened for public viewing. Significant historical and archaeological remains are the main attractions for the tourists here.
Type of Attraction: Fort
Distance from Imphal: 2 Km

Chorus Repertory Theatre

Offbeat Places near Imphal

For all the art and cinema lovers, artists of Chorus Repertory Theatre offer some great piece of work to enjoy. The theater was built in the year 1976 and has been remodeled many times over the past years due to disastrous monsoons of the region. It is spread over an area of 2 acres and is a centre of modern art and cinema. Chakravyuha is a famous show and has been performed here for more than 100 times. Artists of this theatre have performed in many cities including Gainsborough, Bradford, Havana, London, Toyama, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

Type of Attraction: Art and Cinema
Distance from Imphal: 6 Km


Offbeat places in Imphal

It is one of the most famous archaeological sites of Imphal that shows the ancient culture of the city. It is one of those ancient places that give us an insight in the history of the tribe of this region. It is an excavated site and reveals the set of practices, rituals and customs of the tribe for survival, enhancement and death including the secondary burial practices. Not only the tourists but many scientists also find this place fascinating and visit the same frequently.

Type of Attraction:
Distance from Imphal: 15 Km


Andro Village
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Andro is a small village located at a very close distance from Imphal. The place is most famous for pottery and is a heaven for all the lovers of the same. Apart from pottery, a doll house is also located here offering dolls belonging to all 29 Manipuri tribes. Girl children adore this place a lot due to the same reason. Andro Gramshang Museum located here showcase different varieties of traditional pots namely, Kambi, Makhong, Panba, Pudond, Walom, Ngangkha, Yukhum, Wangkham and Eshaiphu.

Type of Attraction: Museum
Distance from Imphal: 20 Km


Places near Imphal

Moirang is a perfect tourist spot for all the patriotic and cultural enthusiasts. It is the place from where Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose started his struggle for the freedom struggle. And for all culture lovers, Meitei folk culture of the village is heaven and it celebrates various festivals including Moirang Haraoba festival with a lot of zeal and livelihood. Main attraction of this festival is the poised Khamba-Thoibi dance, which is traditionally performed by female dancers in ethnic clothes. Another attraction of this place is the Indian National Army’s Museum, which is known for the bronze statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and various artifacts.

Type of Attraction:
Cultural Village and Museum
Distance from Imphal: 45 Km
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