Emergency Services in Imphal

No one is aware what the future has in store for us. Every next moment can bring unforeseen things into your life. The only way to tackle this unexpected situation in life is by being prepared. Imphal the capital of Manipur is one of the developing city in the northeast. The city is well equipped with all essential emergency facilities to tackle any kind of emergency situations. Some of the primary emergency services of Imphal are as follows:

Imphal Police Service

The Manipur police department works for the protection of people from any disaster and to maintain law and order in the Imphal and elsewhere. The primary function of the Manipur police is to is prevent crime and bring to justice those who break the law. Imphal police is available for the public 24*7, in order to tackle all the untoward situations.

Important Contanct Numbers

Police Control Room:
100 (Toll Free), 0385-2440100

Director General of Police, Manipur
Shri Shahid Ahmad
Address: Police Headquarters, Jail Road, Imphal:795001
Phone no: 0385-2450289

Police Stations in Imphal

Porompat Police Station
Address: Thawanthaba Leirak,

Kwakeithel Police Station
Address: Lourembam Leikai,

City Police Station
Address: Gandhi Avenue,
Thangal Bazar, Imphal:795001

Lamphel Police Station
Address: Lamphelpat,

West Police Station
Address: Old Lambulane Rd,
Sanakhwa Yaima Kollup, Imphal:795001

Imphal Fire Service

Fire can break out anywhere in one's home, office or building. The primary solution in such a situation is not to panic but to call the nearest fire station. The fire brigades are well equipped with modern facilities to handle any fire hazards.

Contact details

Fire Control room
Phone no: 101, 0385-2220101
Director, Fire Service, Imphal    
Phone no: 0385-2451539

Emergency Medical Service in Imphal

Emergency Services of Imphal

The medical emergency is one of the most important emergencies in any place. There are hospitals and clinics in Imphal that are well equipped with all the modern facilities. Ambulance services are also very important emergency service in Imphal which are offered by both hospitals as well as private organization that specialize in immediate response. The ambulance service companies in Guwahati hold a team of experienced professionals that include fast aids, skilled support staff, doctors, paramedics and nurses. The topmost hospitals in Guwahati are:

Regional Institute of Medical Sciences

Casualty & Ambulance: 0385-2414726,2414728,2414478,2414434
Shija Clinic: 0385-2412018
J.N. Hospital Casuality: 0385-2223516, 2220385
Imphal Hospital: 0385-2411353

Department of Relief & Disaster Management

The Department of Relief and Disaster management looks after all the matters relating to natural calamities like flood, earthquake, cyclone etc and also takes the responsibility of all the necessary relief measures connected therewith. The department is also responsible to all the matters relating to disaster management that includes Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

Contact Person
Dr. Suhel Akhtar   
Deslgnation: Principal Secretary ( Relief and Disater Management, Imphal)
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