Culture of Imphal

Imphal, through its rich art and culture has been identifying itself to the people in India as well as abroad. The people of Imphal have a keen liking towards art and beauty. Every community in In Imphal has their own unique culture and tradition which can be found in their music, dance, costume, food and customary practices. Music and dance have been an indispensable part of the people of Imphal. The way of living of these tribesmen are very simple.

Dances of Imphal

Culture of Imphal

Imphal is famous for its Manipuri style of classical dance, very much different from other Indian dance forms. The folk dances of this place enthrall the spectators with their attractive costumes and the graceful rhythm. The dances of the Manipuri people are recreational and ritualistic, temporal and religious. These dance have a religious and spiritual basis. The popular dance of Imphal includes: Ras Lila, Khamba Thoibi Dance, Pung Cholom, Maibi Dance and Nupa Pala.

Festivals in Imphal

The people of Imphal celebrate several festivals throughout the year. The people of the place bring to life the traditions and myths through their symbolic performances. Some of the popular festivals celebrated in Imphal include Yaoshang (Holi), Kut Festival,Gang Ngai,Cheiraoba, Kang, Ningol Chak kouba, Lui Ngai Ni, Chumpha Festival,Christmas, Sangai Festival

Arts and Craft of Imphal

The handloom clothes and handicrafts also depict the rich culture and tradition of Imphal. The handloom and handicraft of this place are famous worldwide for its craftsmanship as well as usefulness, colorfulness and ingenuity. Manipuri bed sheets and covers, curtains and screens, colourful tribal shawls, sarees and gowns is popular in India as well as abroad. Cheiraoba or Manipuri New Year is celebrated during the month of April. In this festival the local people prepares special festive dishes. These dishes are first offered to various deities. As part of the ritual, the people of the village climbs the nearest hill top in belief that it will help them to reach greater heights in life.

Food in Imphal

 Food in ImphalThe staple food of people of Imphal is rice. They also love eating fish. Most of the dishes involve fish in various forms. The popular dishes eatn in Imphal include Monica gi chakum, Yongchaak singju,smoked fish, Aloo mattar and Bora - a kind of pakora, Nga atauba - fish fryAloo angouba - fried potato, Kanghau, Pakoura mah, Nga athongba - curried fish,Khajing bora and Khangau.

Religion of Imphal

There are three prominent religions of Imphal namely Hinduism, Christianity and Maibaism.  In some parts of the state, Islam and Buddhism are also followed.  Maibaism is a rare religious system and is exclusively followed by the Manipuri people. The Maibas are presumed to be the priestly class of the Manipur society. The people of Manipur follow another distinct religion. The religious diversity has helped the state to stay culturally strong.

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