About Imphal

Imphal is the capital of Manipur and a famous tourist destination with historic places and tourist spots. On 18th June 1997, Imphal district was split into Imphal East and Imphal West with different district headquarters. The architectural forts, the  historical places and the green valleys and hills surrounding the town present a beautiful and mesmerizing sight for the tourists. Imphal is bordered by the Thoubal district, Senapati district and the Bishnupur district of Manipur.

Imphal Past and Present

About imphal

The town of Imphal was originally ruled by Kin Khaba and later by the Pakhangba rulers. It is through this that a powerful Ningthouja dynasty originated and ruled. After the Ningthouja tribe, the Britishers took over and ruled in Manipur. During that period, wars like the Anglo Manipur war took place due to internal differences between the members of the family.The war also took place between the people of Manipur and the British. However, the British won and Manipur came under the British rule until Independence.

The present day Imphal is developing at a fast speed. The government has made all the endeavors to develop the city in terms of economy, culture, education and transportation providing basic amenities to the people. Imphal is gradually becoming one of the  most popular tourist destination of northeast India. Click here for more information on history of Imphal

Imphal Geography and Climate

Imphal is located at an altitude of 786 meters above sea levels, in the extreme east of India. Many rivers like the Iril, Khuga, Thoubal orginate from the hills surrounding the valley of Imphal. The climate of Imphal is tropical or humid subtropical in nature. The summers hot and humid and winters are cool and dry.The temperatures range from a minimum of 4° C to a maximum of 25° C. The average rainfall of Imphal is 1320 mm. Click here for more information on geography of Imphal

Culture of Imphal

 Imphal Overview

Manipur through its rich arts and culture has been identifying itself to the people living in India as well as abroad. The Manipuri people are very much fond of music and dance and it is very  difficult to find a Manipuri girl who cannot dance or Sing. Manipur is world famous for its manipuri style of classical dance. Manipuri handloom and handicrafts also depicts the rich culture of the people of Imphal. The important festivals celebrated in Imphal include Ningol Chakouba, Yaoshang, Kang, Heikru Hitongba and many more. Click here for more information on culture of Imphal

Imphal Tourism

Imphal situated at height of 790 m. above the sea level is a beautiful tourist place with tripling rivers, cascading rapids, varieties of flowers, exotic blooms and lakes. The city of Imphal is endowed with many beautiful tourist destination. Thousands of tourists, every year visit the place to enjoy the nature and beauty. The Shaheed Minar is located at Bir Tikendrajit Park in the heart of the city of Imphal. Another very important tourist spot in Manipur is the Kangla. This place is the historical embodiment of Manipur Rulers. Loktak lake, located 48 kms from Imphal is a must visit tourist place in Manipur. This lake is the largest fresh water lake in North East India. Other Important tourist place in Imphal include Shree Shree Govindajee Temple, Manipur State Museum, War Cemetery, Manipur Zoological Garden, Khonghampat Orchidarium, Sadu Chiru Waterfall, Keibul Lamjao National Park and many more. Click here for more information on Imphal Tourism

Shopping in Imphal

The tourist must make it a point to stroll along the busy market areas in Imphal and to pick some great souvenirs to take back home. The bazaars in Imphal are mostly occupied by women and this market gives you a glimpse of the Manipuri Culture and tradition. Khwaraimbad Bazaar in Imphal is one of the most famous and largest women's markets in India. From silk saris to hand-woven shawls, footwear to colorful attires, vegetables to spices the markets in Imphal have it all. The popular markets in Imphal are Khwairambad Bazaar, Paona Bazaar, Tera Bazaar, Nagampal Market and GM Hall. Click here for more information on shopping in Imphal

Transportation in Imphal

Imphal has a well developed transport system. The Imphal International Airport is the major airport and the 2nd international airport in the northeat region after Guwahati. There is no railway station in Imphal but NH-39 links Imphal with railhead at Dimapur in Nagaland and NH 53 links Imphal with railhead at Jiribam.  Imphal is also well connected by roads. The Impahl west district is connected with Guwahati through the National Highway 39 to Silchar through the NH53. The National highway 39, 53 and 150 connects Imphal East district to other places of northeast. Click here for more information on transport in Imphal

Imphal Facts and Figures

Geographical Area: 29.57sq km
Altitude: 786 m above sea level
Latitude: 24.82 degrees N
Longitude:  93.95degrees E
Population (2001): 221,492 lakhs.
Average Temperature:  32 degrees C (Max), 4 degrees C (Min)
Rainfall:  1,320 mm
Languages:  Manipuri, Hindi, English
Religions:   Hinduism, Christianity, Maibaism, Islam
Best time to visit:  October to March
STD Code:  0385

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